Care Guides for Beginners

There are many different things to consider before buying a pet snake.  Looks are certainly important, but there are other factors that should not be overlooked when deciding which one may be the best for you.  


Green Tree Pythons for example are pretty and make a beautiful display animal, but they requires someone with experience to care for them.  As a beginner keeper you would want to start with a beginner-friendly snake.  Beginner meaning fairly easy to care for with not a lot of requirements other than good husbandry and attention to detail. The Ball Python is a good beginner snake due to their docile nature and how well they tolerate being handled.  Their needs are basic but spesific and you need to know if you want a happy pet.


The information contained on this page are based on our own experiences and intended to serve as guides for beginner keepers. Research is very important and you have to know everything about the animal and have an enclosure running at optimal condition before you bring home a new reptile pet. We are in the process of updating information and if you have questions, please feel free to contact us.

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